Our goal: Win - win

Win the lost; win the race.


W - Witness through our lives and our evangelistic efforts

I - Impact our community and our society through an effective stand for the principles of Scripture

N - Nurture the church family through discipleship and love, and the hurting through ministry

W - Worship in reality and with passion

I - Invest as good stewards, individually and as a church body, in the kingdom of God

N - Never compromise the truth of the Scripture or our stand against sin

Online giving

We now have a way of making tithing as convenient as possible! By clicking the button below, you will be taken to our online tithing portal where you can give your online donations. You will also have the ability to set up an account through our portal. Setting up an account makes it even easier to tithe by allowing you to set up recurring payments, giving you access to your tithing records, and even provides the option of donating through your phone via text message! So click the button below and leave your checkbook at home this Sunday!