Serving in Media

No matter how great the preaching is or how well the music is done, without a media team, it is nearly impossible to conduct an effective worship service. From the lighting in the room to the sound coming out of the speakers, a great media team makes all the difference. Serving on the media team is one of the most humbling experiences because, as a media team member, doing your job right means that no one notices you're even there. As a media team member, you have 2 main jobs:

  • To assist the Pastor and Worship Pastor in creating an atmosphere that is conducive to worship while
  • Eliminating distractions that take away from the worship service

Being on the media team is an incredible opportunity to serve the Lord and our church as you are directly involved in helping others experience the Gospel in conjunction with the Pastor and Worship Pastor.

How you can serve

Pooler First Baptist Church currently operates from a volunteer base of workers to support the church in the following media areas:

  • Worship Slide Presentations PFBC currently uses Proclaim to provide song lyrics on the front and back screens for worship services.
  • Announcement Slides PFBC uses a pre-service announcement slideshow to highlight important upcoming events.
  • Sound Board The management of the sound system is a crucial element of the worship service.
  • Livestream All of our morning and evening worship services are recorded and livestreamed.
  • News Releases At times there are events which need media releases to advertise to the community a special or seasonal event which may be of interest to them.

If you are skilled in one of the above areas or have an interest in serving in one of the above areas, please speak with one of the following church members:

Worship Pastor- Tim Addy

Media Coordinator - Morgan Roy